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The Essential Organic Company is a health-conscious and community driven start up based in Abuja.  It was established by mother of three, Ufuoma Bozimo.  Ufuoma, like many people living in Nigeria, was disenchanted by the products available for children (and adults) with gluten and lactose intolerances.  The company was initially set up to sell organic healthy products that are free from major allergens, and recently began to make its own Almond Milk.


Ufuoma Bozimo CEO The Essential Organic Company

Almond milk is a great dairy alternative. Most commercial brands are so heavily processed that most health benefits are lost. ‘We wanted to create almond milk that was made with real almonds, not almond flavoring’ that was the goal.  They wanted a creaminess that came naturally, not from thickeners and preservatives. They couldn’t find this in the market, so they created one.


Almond Milk made by Essential Organic contains just filtered water and organic almonds; Nothing else. They also have a Vanilla Bean Almond Milk – lightly sweetened with Dates.  Each 12 ounce bottle has less than 100 calories, has very low cholesterol and is high in monounsaturated (“good”) fat.  It is gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and has no preservatives.  Because the products are so fresh, it only has a four-day shelf life.  Each bottle is made to order and delivered to clients the day it was made.  It is a perfect alternative  for a healthier lifestyle.


Shreddergang support Essential Organic; ‘food that’s made well, with care and thought behind it’. No junk.


Find out more about Essential Organic via social media using the links below, or giving us a call on 0818 985 9999.


Social Media Links:

Facebook: The Essential Organic Company

Instagram: Essential Organic



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