What’s the Big Deal About the Keto Diet?
November 5, 2016
November 29, 2016

Microwave is one gadget most homes cannot do without; the convenience it provides is undeniable. However microwave uses electromagnetic energy/waves which cause the vibration of water molecules to cook the food. The exposure of food to the electromagnetic waves which bring about the vibration of the molecules, cause the production of heat and the breakdown of food nutrients. This alters the composition of the food in question. It is advisable to do without microwave and stick to the usual conventional method of cooking (steaming precisely).Fats and Oil:
Fats and oil make our food 7-8 times harder to digest. The reason is that our body is majorly made up of water and thus, the body membranes are highly hydrophilic (water loving). When foods are fried with a lot of oil, the nutrients are destroyed like in the case of proteins where they are denatured. Also when these foods are consumed, the body being hydrophilic in nature finds it hard to breakdown and reach out to the left over nutrients in the oily food, as oil is hydrophobic (water hating) in nature. It is advisable to reduce the use of oil to the minimum possible level possible or even do away with cooking with oil.

These enemies of nutrition are easily overlooked in most homes but once they are put into consideration and avoided accordingly, a healthier and more improved life style is guaranteed.

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