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September 28, 2016
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Kaabakitchen bakery is an innovative healthy bakery that provides healthy versions of confectionery. We all love good food that isn’t boring or tasteless. KaabaKitchen Bakery prides themselves in being able to provide sweet treats with a balance.

They provide delicious treats using gluten free flour, no sugar, no chemicals, no preservatives rather they use natural sweeteners such as dates, fruits and honey, also infusing oats, nuts and a variety of healthy seeds.



Kaabakitchen bakery provides the perfect blend of healthy and delicious treats, to meet the needs of every client’s taste and preference. Their products includes various breads, fruit cakes, muffins, oatmeal cookies, baked Chin-chin, baked doughnuts, granola, greek yogurt and more.


Instagram page: @kaabakitchenbakery


  1. piety says:

    I want to join your gang, but I’m unable to make the gym because of my tight schedule, also am a great cook, but I really don’t know what to eat for someone my size, p.s I weight 96kg on a 5ft11 frame but I need to loose about 20kg by Christmas is that achievable?

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