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If you need assistance, call +234 (0) 80 9736 2718

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    Free Tips On Staying Healthy and Fit
    June 17, 2019

    Waist Trainers: Fact Or Fiction?

    You’ve probably wondered how waist training works. All you need is to do a Google or Instagram search
    June 5, 2019

    Your Cookware Might Be Killing You!

    Non-stick pans are a kitchen favorite for most people. They are easy to use and clean, and they
    June 1, 2019

    Does Birth Control Cause Weight Gain?

    There has been a lasting debate that birth control causes weight gain in women. But, researchers claim that
    March 7, 2018

    Why the scale isn’t the best indicator of fitness

    Have you been on a weight loss journey and it feels like it’s taking forever to get to

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